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  • Mike Falter

New Solid State Battery Tech Offers 2x the Energy with No Anode

"Solid electrolytes are more compact than liquid or gel electrolytes. This means that all-solid-state batteries can produce more energy than conventional batteries for the same amount of weight or space. In addition, all-solid-state lithium batteries are much safer than their conventional counterparts, which use organic liquid electrolytes that are typically flammable." - IEEE Spectrum, article dated March 29, 2023; by Charles Choi

Solid state battery prototype, Image sourced from IEEE Spectrum

Solid-State Battery Has 2x the Energy—and No Anode, New coating helps solid electrolyte cells outpace traditional lithium ions


Funding Updates and Other News

Revolv, a full-service provider of electric medium-to-heavy commercial fleets, today announced it has closed a $15 million Series A funding round led by an affiliated fund of Greenbacker Capital Management LLC ("Greenbacker").

Amogy Secures $139 Million Series B-1 Round of Funding, Moving the Transportation Industry Closer to Clean Energy

Strangeworks Commercial Success In Quantum Computing Drives Ecosystem Expansion, Lands $24M Series A led by Hitachi Ventures


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