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  • Mike Falter

Backlighting Automotive LCD Displays with LEDs

With the continued adoption of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) in cars and consumer demands for better infotainment systems, the number and size of in-cabin LCD displays are rising.

LCDs have been used for decades in TVs, computer monitors, notebook computers, and other small-screen applications like car infotainment systems. LCDs use a matrix driver system with Thin Film Transistors (TFTs) to turn individual pixels off and on, allowing light to pass through color filtering to generate the image.

Automotive instrument cluster and HUD display, Image sourced from Buick

The light that passes through the display pixels is generated by a backlighting system that resides within the LCD and diffuses light across the back of the panel. Traditionally, LCD backlighting was provided by Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps (CCFL), but in recent years has transitioned to strings of light-emitting diodes that can offer better image quality, a longer operating life, and a simpler drive circuit.

The full article is available here:

LED Backlight Driver Eliminates Flicker


Funding Updates and Other News

VyperCore Ltd. (Bristol, England), a startup with plans to develop novel processor technology, has raised £4 million (about US$5 million) in seed funding.

Fervo Energy (“Fervo”), the next-generation leader in geothermal technology, today announced a $10 million strategic investment from Devon Energy Corporation (NYSE: DVN). The investment initiates a partnership between two technical leaders and applies Devon’s 50-plus years of innovation in oil and gas to Fervo’s advanced geothermal capabilities.

Climate tech startup Plexigrid has just raised €4.5M in its second investment round. Investors include Swedish Polar Structure, Vargas Holding, and TheVentureCity. Plexigrid contributes to the energy transition by making electricity grids more efficient and flexible through digitalization.

EdgeQ Closes $75M Series-B Investment and Ramps to Customers’ Demand for Its Award-Winning 5G+AI Base Station-on-a-Chip for 5G Networks

Working to make quantum computing more scalable and fault tolerant, Quantum Source raises $12M

Kate raises $7.6 million for its electric micro-cars


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