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  • Mike Falter

1200V SiC FET in TO247-4 Packaging Offers Higher Power Density

Diodes Incorporated has announced a new 1200 V SiC MOSFET in a small TO247-4 package. Along with the high withstand voltage, the new MOSFET can handle currents of just over 37A. With heat sinking, the power switch can dissipate up to 208W with a low on-resistance of just 80mΩ.

EV traction inverter circuit, Image sourced from Diodes Incorporated

The power density of the TO247-4 package allows for a more compact circuit design which translates to a smaller, lighter, and potentially less expensive form factor. For electric vehicles and other e-mobility applications, less weight means longer ranges, smaller battery packs, and faster charging times.

The full article is available here:


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