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  • Mike Falter

Dual Channel Silicon MOSFET Targeted for EV Cooling Pumps

While the latest high voltage, wide bandgap power FET solutions like silicon carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN), used in EV OBCs, charging infrastructure, and traction inverters, typically get most of the press, the opportunity for traditional silicon-based MOSFET solutions remains robust.

EVs often have multiple electric pumps for cooling, Image sourced from Magnachip

EV electric cooling pumps are a good example of the expanding market opportunity. Where traditional ICEs use a single mechanical water pump for cooling, EVs use two or more electric pumps for their cooling systems, each requiring a motor drive circuit composed of silicon MOSFETs.

The full article is available here:

Full-scale Production Begins on EV Auxiliary Pump Dual 40V MOSFET


Funding Updates and Other News

HeatTransformers Raises €15M in Series A Funding

Electric boat manufacturer X Shore recently secured its latest round of investment funding, this time to the tune of $50 million (~€45.9M). The funds will be used to increase research and development of electrified maritime technologies, and help ramp up manufacturing of X Shore’s first production boat, the Eelex 8000, which began in March.

Mojo Vision, developer of the ‘Mojo Lens’ augmented reality (AR) smart contact lens that pivoted earlier this year to instead focus on micro-LED displays, has recently announced a USD $22.4 million Series A investment round.

Electric mobility solutions provider Magenta on Wednesday said it has closed a Series A1 funding round with $22 million equity investment from the UK-headquartered bp and Morgan Stanley India Infrastructure-managed investment fund.


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