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  • Mike Falter

Flow Battery Uses Organic Charge Storage Molecules for Long-Duration Grid Storage

XL Batteries, Inc. has closed $10 million in seed funding for its low-cost, scalable flow battery technology based on non-corrosive organic molecules and salt water.

Flow batteries use charge storage molecules to store energy. Image used courtesy of XL Batteries

Long-duration grid applications do not place a premium on size and weight, so more cost-effective and physically larger battery technologies, like flow batteries, can be a better fit tha lithium-ion. However, to date, many existing flow battery technologies use volatile, unstable chemistries, requiring expensive components to tolerate the highly corrosive electrolytes.

The “secret” behind the XL Battery solution is using charge storage molecules made from organic materials that are non-corrosive and stable in salt water. The result is a stable, non-flammable battery that can cost-effectively scale to large-capacity storage applications.

The full article is available here:

Flow Battery Uses Organic Charge Storage Molecules for Long-Duration Grid Storage


Funding Updates and Other News

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